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9.03g Wabar Glass Rare Impactite

Top Meteorite

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On Offer: An amazing 9.03 gram Wabar impact glass specimen measuring 50.99mm by 28.66mm by 13.5mm. This material is ejecta from a hyper velocity meteorite impact that happened ~300 years ago, with an estimated 7% to 10% of the IIIA iron meteorite impactor being incorporated into the scoriaceous impactite glass. This is easily verified by its strong response to a magnet. This particular specimen responds very strongly to a magnet, and has several large and many smaller white "insta-rock" clasts visible on the exterior. A truly exceptional specimen.

Wabar impactite glass specimens are highly sought after by collectors. They rarely seem to come on the market, and the few that do usually get snapped up quickly.

Measurements: 50.99mm x 28.66mm x 13.5mm
Type:  Impactite from the Wabar crater
Origin:  Ar-Rub' Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia

Description: This is a 9.03 gram specimen of the Wabar impact glass from the ejecta of the hyper velocity impact that occurred in the desert near Ar-Rub' Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia and that is associated with the widely witnessed and historically recorded fireball approximately 300 years ago.

What you get: 9.03 gram Wabar impactite specimen as shown, and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections.

I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.  

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