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TOP Meteorite, where adventure and knowledge can be found on every page and in every package we ship. We bring new narratives to the collective story of our Solar System, providing institutions, museums, and collectors around the world with exceptional meteorite specimens. 

Established in 2015 to embody the growing commercial aspect of a wide array of meteorite related projects undertaken by its founder Dustin Dickens, TOP Meteorite has risen to become one of the world's leading providers of meteorite specimens and meteorite jewelry. 

TOP Meteorite offers a wide variety of meteorite specimens for the experienced and novice meteorite collectors, while focusing a significant potion of its curation efforts on larger multi kilogram lunar and martian specimens for museums and private collections.



Dustin Dickens

Dustin has been fascinated with space and space science for as long as he can remember. Initially trained as a computer scientist, his love for space and adventure eventually translated into a full time pursuit to find and better understand these alien visitors.

Dustin Dickens microprobe lab University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics
Dustin at work, UNM IOM Microprobe Lab, 2020

Dustin is also the founder of Geo Labs and New Mexico Meteoritic Services. He is currently a Director on the board of the Global Meteorite Association (GMA), and is the President and Director of the non profit Center for Meteoritic Studies.

He is a frequent contributor to meteorite related popular articles via his blog The Meteorite Apprentice, as well as in Meteorite Times Magazine, and *Meteorite Magazine

Dustin now pursues full-time projects related to meteorite research and diagnostic analysis and classification of meteorites, as well as the occasional sale of significant meteorite specimens.

Dustin is currently working on research pertaining to the nature of augite phenocryst formation in the Achondrite-ung 'Erg Chech 002'.


Dustin Dickens home meteorite prep lab
Good morning meteorite mavens! Dustin at his
meteorite sample prep lab in Loveland, CO.


Dustin Dickens Geoff Notkin Greg Hupe Mendy Ouzillou Larry Atkins
Greg Hupe, Mendy Ouzillou, Dustin Dickens,
Larry Atkins, Geoff Notkin - TOP Meteorite
showroom, Tucson AZ, 2018.


4 Kg lunar meteorite ready for cutting
Preparing to cut a large lunar meteorite,
NMMS Lab, Loveland CO, 2021.

Dustin Dickens Steve Arnold Meteorite Men Meteorite Hunt 
Dustin and Steve Arnold of the Meteorite Men
on a winter hunt, 2019.


Oliver Dickens and Dustin Dickens in Tarda C2-ung strewn field
Dustin and Oliver Dickens, Tarda Strewn
Field, Morocco 2021.

Dustin Dickens meteorite hunter morocco
Dustin cold hunting in Ait Youb, Morocco.


 Meteorite Expedition Patch model Dustin Dickens
Modeling the the NMS collector edition
expedition patch - get it here

Dustin with Mustapha Oulkouch in Dakhla, Southern Sahara 2017
Dustin and Mustapha Oulkouch in Dakhla,
Western Sahara, 2017.

Charlie Duke and Dustin Dickens holding lunar meteorites
Charlie Duke and Dustin holding lunar

Rueben Garcia and Dustin at the Tucson show, 2018
Mr. Meteorite Ruben Garcia dropping in to
say hi to Dustin as he sets up for the 2018
Tucson show.

Robert Ward and Dustin meeting up in Aguas Zarcas Costa Rica
Robert Ward and Dustin with some locals in
Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica, 2019. What a 
great fall that was!


Dustin Dickens finding a piece of Aguas Zarcas CM2 Costa Rica
Dustin right after finding his largest piece of
the Aguas Zarcas CM2 in Costa Rica, 2019.