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TOP Meteorite provides a wide variety of rare and exceptional meteorite specimens to private and institutional collections. We focus a significant portion of our curation efforts on large lunar and martian specimens for institutions and private collections. We are also responsible for the production and sale of a unique line of lunar and martian meteorite jewelry. Top Meteorite is one of the world's leading providers of meteorite specimens and meteorite jewelry. 


Maria Alejandra Aguayo
General Manager & Co-Founder

Sandra Aguayo

Sandra is the backbone of Top Meteorite. She manages the company's day-to-day operations, as well as specimen and item inventory and fulfillment. Sandra is a masterful macro photographer, skilled with photo stacking software and production work-flows.

Sandra was born in Madrid, Spain, and came to the US to pursue a graduate degree. After earning her MBA from Dominican University of California, Sandra co-founded and managed a cutting-edge internet services startup in Northern California. 

With over a decade of experience, Sandra is well versed in the field of meteorites. As the primary photographer and inventory manager for thousands of diverse meteorite specimens, she has developed a sophisticated understanding of meteorite taxonomy, as well as a keen eye for specimen identification.


Dustin Dickens
Curator & Chief Meteorite Officer

Dustin Dickens microprobe lab University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics
Dustin at work, UNM IOM Microprobe Lab, 2020

Dustin is Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections, and Chief Meteorite Officer. He is responsible for acquisition and preparation of meteorite specimens, as well as strategic business and distributor development.

He is also the meteorite classifier and lab manager at the Colorado Center for Meteoritic Studies. Dustin has been the principle researcher responsible for the analysis and classification of a significant number of new meteorites approved by the Nomenclature Committee and published in the Meteoritical Bulletin. including several new lunar and martian meteorites. 

Dustin is a Director (current) and founding member of the Global Meteorite Association (GMA). He has been a frequent contributor to the meteorite community through popular articles via his blog The Meteorite Apprentice, as well as in Meteorite Times Magazine, and *Meteorite Magazine

When not racing to recover newly fallen meteorites, or in the dry deserts searching for ancient buried irons with sons Oliver and Aleixo, Dustin is in the  University of Colorado Boulder's microprobe lab analyzing and classifying new meteorites.  

Oliver Dickens and Dustin Dickens in Tarda C2-ung strewn field
Dustin and son Oliver, Tarda Strewn
Field, Morocco 2021.

Dustin Dickens home meteorite prep lab
Good morning meteorite mavens!

4 Kg lunar meteorite ready for cutting
Preparing to cut a large lunar meteorite,
CMS Lab, 2021.

Dustin Dickens Steve Arnold Meteorite Men Meteorite Hunt 
Dustin and Steve Arnold hunting a fall
winter, 2019.

Charlie Duke and Dustin Dickens holding lunar meteorites
Dustin with Charlie Duke, 2018

 Dustin Dickens finding a piece of Aguas Zarcas CM2 Costa Rica
Finding his largest piece of the Aguas Zarcas
CM2, Costa Rica 2019.