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Dustin Dickens


Top Meteorite

My name is Dustin Dickens and I love meteorites. Top Meteorite is a reflection of that love for these amazing alien stones. Meteorites have a lot to tell us about our solar system and how it evolved. Together with scientists, curators, enthusiasts, hunters, and dealers from around the world, Top Meteorite works to bring meteorite specimens to research institutions, public museums and private collectors. Top Meteorite collaborates with several of the top meteoritical research universities in the US and Canada.


Dustin Dickens

Short Bio From Meteorite Times Magazine

Dustin has been fascinated with meteorites and space science for as long as he can remember. Though formally trained in computer science, this love eventually translated into writing about, hunting for and studying meteorites full time. He is the founder of Top Meteorite and Curator for Maroc Meteoritics where he spent many years in the field studying the Agoudal impact structure. Dustin has originated meteorites and impactites for museums on three continents, he works closely with several of the world’s leading meteoritical research universities, and continues to write prolifically on a variety of subjects including meteorites and planetary science.