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0.623g Henbury Pearl I Rare Impactite

Top Meteorite

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On Offer: An exceptional and extremely rare 0.623 gram Henbury "Pearl" impactite specimen measuring 12.28 mm by 8.33 mm by 7.62 mm. The Henbury pearls are similar to the Wabar pearls, but much more rare. This is the only Henbury pearl I have ever seen in person, though others must exist. As such, these pears are relatively unknown as they are so rare. This glossy black pearl is made of impact glass from the Henbury crater. I have never seen a Henbury pearl come on the market. However, the few impact pearls of any origin that hit the market usually get snapped up quickly.

Measurements: 12.28 mm x 8.33 mm x 7.62 mm
Type:  Impactite from the Henbury crater
Origin:  Henbury craters, Australia

Description: This is a very rare and unique 0.623 gram "pearl" specimen of the Henbury impactite glass from the distal ejecta of the hyper velocity impact that occurred in Australia dating back to approximately 4,700 years ago and created over 12 craters. 

What you get: 0.623 gram Henbury pearl impactite specimen as shown, shipping/membrane display box and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections.

I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.  

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