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Unclassified Meteorite Breccia Pair - Ordinary Chondrite

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Specimen A:          2,688.4g

Specimen B:          930.2g

Combined Total Weight of both specimens A+B = 3,618.6g


This is an amazing pair of meteorites, likely broken apart on or shortly before impacting the Earth's surface. Amazingly, these meteorites can be fit back together perfectly to form a larger stone. The whole being greater than the sum of it parts, the union unlocking the full beauty of the stones. The exposed interior shows a light grey breccia with the occasional chondrule and bit of free metal.


Description: A beautiful two piece unclassified chondrite breccia meteorite. These are two unclassified Ordinary Chondrite fragments that fit together like a puzzle. The bigger of the two weights  2688.4 grams, and the smaller 930.2 grams. This meteorite has it all; fusion crust, thumbprints, breccia, free metal, exposed interior with visible chondrules and clasts.

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ID - OC2018005

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