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1.24g Henbury Impactite Glass I Quasi Pearl

Top Meteorite

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On Offer: An exceptional 1.24 gram Henbury glass impactite specimen with a pearl-like glossy surface on most of the specimen. Henbury glass of this quality is rare and highly sought after by collectors. This specimen has an unusually glassy smooth shinny black surface much like its more expensive and rare cousins the pearls. These types of specimens are thought to contain more of the iron impactor than the more common rough scoriaceous specimens. They rarely seem to come on the market, and the few that do usually get snapped up quickly.

Type:  Impactite glass from the Henbury crater
Origin:  Henbury craters, Australia

Description: This is a 1.24 gram specimen of the Henbury impactite glass from the distal ejecta of the hyper velocity impact that occurred in Australia dating back to approximately 4,700 years ago and created over 12 craters. 

What you get: 1.24 gram Henbury impactite glass specimen as shown, and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections.

I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.  

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