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Lunar Meteorite Pendant with Diamond Accent I 925 Sterling

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On Offer: Stunning lunar meteorite pendant with diamond accent - This pendant showcases an authentic hand-shaped lunar meteorite cabochon set in sterling silver and accented with a traditional diamond.

Handcrafted by: Joshua Eisler

Materials: Lunar Meteorite  / Diamond / Sterling Silver

Dimensions not including bail: Approximately 16.95 mm x 9.92 mm x 3.71 mm 

Dimensions including bail: Approximately 25.17 mm x 9.92 mm x 4.80 mm

Center Piece Meteorite Classifications: Lunar Fragmental Breccia (NWA 12592)
What you get: Sterling Silver pendant with an authentic classified Lunar meteorite center piece and a faceted diamond as shown, Signed Certificate of authenticity, and shipping/storage membrane box. 
We offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.


Northwest Africa 12592
Basic information Name: Northwest Africa 12592
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 12592
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2017
Country: Algeria
Mass:help 1420 g
Meteoritical Bulletin:        (2020)   Lunar (frag. breccia)
Recommended:        Lunar (frag. breccia)    [explanation]

This is 1 of 7 approved meteorites classified as Lunar (frag. breccia).   [show all]
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Comments: Approved 15 May 2019
Writeup from MB 108:

Northwest Africa 12592 (NWA 12592)


Purchased: 2017

Classification: Lunar (frag. breccia)

History: A single weathered stone lacking a fusion crust was found by nomads in Algeria and purchased by Dustin Dickens in Nouakchott, Mauritania in 2017 from an anonymous meteorite dealer.

Physical characteristics: Dark grey sandblasted exterior, with many irregular shaped fragments set in a fine grained vesiculated groundmass. No fusion crust.

Petrography: (T. S. Hayden, M. Anand, OU) The meteorite is a clast-rich fragmental breccia containing numerous mineral and lithic fragments embedded in a fine-grained vesiculated (regolith) matrix. The lithic clast population consists primarily of basaltic clasts, dominated by Ca-rich pyroxene and plagioclase, with minor olivine components. The size range of the lithic clasts is 0.19-1.9 mm. Mineral clasts are mainly pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase, chromite, troilite and Fe-Ni phases. Some impact melt textures present also.

Geochemistry: Mineral Composition and Geochemistry: (T. S. Hayden, M. Anand, OU) Feldspar (An95.2 ± 0.7Ab4.7 ± 0.7, N = 31), Pigeonite (Fs43±3.3Wo9.5±4.4, Fe/Mn=65.5±3.3, N=45), Augite (Fs25±4.8Wo35.7±6.1, Fe/Mn=59.5±5.6, N=54), Clinoferrosilite (Fs48.6Wo5, Fe/Mn = 67.4, N=1), Clinoenstatite (Fs44.5±4.3Wo4.4, Fe/Mn = 64.7±3.9, N=11), Olivine (Fa47.6±16, Fe/Mn=104.5±10.8, N=33). O isotopes (measured at OU): Repetition 1: δ17O = 3.266‰, δ18O = 6.333‰, Δ17O=-0.052 (linearized using a slope of 0.5247), Repetition 2: δ17O = 3.217‰, δ18O = 6.174‰, Δ17O=-0.018‰ (linearized using a slope of 0.5247. Mean: δ17O = 3.242 ± 0.035‰ (1-sigma), δ18O = 6.254 ± 0.112‰ (1-sigma), Δ17O=-0.035±0.024 (1 sigma).

Classification: Lunar fragmental regolith breccia

Specimens: Specimen: 20 g specimen held at OU. Dustin Dickens holds the main mass.

Data from:
  Table 0
  Line 0:
Place of purchase: Nouakchott, Mauritania
Date: P 2017
Mass (g): 1420
Pieces: 1
Class: Lunar (frag. breccia)
Shock stage: Moderate
Weathering grade: Moderate
Fayalite (mol%): 47.6± 16.0 (N=33)
Ferrosilite (mol%): 34.4± 10.1 (N=111)
Wollastonite (mol%): 21.7± 14.7 (N=111)
Classifier: T. S. Hayden, M. Anand, and R. C. Greenwood, OU
Type spec mass (g): 20
Type spec location: OU
Main mass: Dustin Dickens
Finder: Nomads, Algeria
Comments: Field name prior to submission: TMOU-08; submitted by T. S. Hayden (OU)


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