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20.74g ERG ATOUILA 003 Primitive Achondrite Ungrouped

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On Offer: 20.74 gram slice of the ungrouped primitive achondrite Erg Atouila 003.  An exceptional and intriguing ungrouped primitive meteorite specimen from an unknown partially differentiated parent body. 

Dimensions:  75.5mm x 65.5mm x 2.3mm 

Official Name: Erg Atouila 003

Abbreviation: EA 003

Classification: Primitive Achondrite Ungrouped

Excerpt from the MetBul classification; "Primitive achondrite, ungrouped. This material is more feldspar-rich than acapulcoites and contains plagioclase that is much more sodic. Although found in close proximity to the Erg Atouila 001 stones and possessing some similarities to them, this material differs significantly in terms of its texture and mineralogy. In comparison to Erg Atouila 001 (see Meteoritical Bulletin entry and Irving A. et. al., 2022. Lunar Planet. Sci. LIII, #2059), the mineral assemblage has about half as much albitic plagioclase, and contains low-Ca pyroxene and more Ni-rich metal (both of which have not been reported in Erg Atouila 001). The mafic mineral compositions are also somewhat more magnesian than those in Erg Atouila 001 (e.g., olivine is more magnesian by up to 6 mole% Fa)."

In my opinion this is among the most interesting and unique of the newly emerging ungrouped primitive achondrites. These types of primitive achondrites are helping us understand the dynamics of early accretion, and differentiation processes in the early solar system.

Year found: 2022

Country: Mali

Description: Amazing slice of an amazing Achondrite-prim-ung meteorite with official name Erg Atouila 003. Polished on one side.

What you get: 20.74 gram Erg Atouila 003 specimen as shown, shipping/storage membrane box, and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

We offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

Erg Atouila 003
Basic information Name: Erg Atouila 003
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: EA 003
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2022
Country: Mali
Mass:help 1442 g
Meteoritical Bulletin:   MB 112   (2023)   Achondrite-prim-ung
Recommended:   Achondrite-prim-ung    

This is 1 of 7 approved meteorites classified as Achondrite-prim-ung.  

Comments: Approved 4 Mar 2023
Writeup from MB 112:

Erg Atouila 003 (EA 003)        ~22.490°N, ~4.552°W

Gao, Mali

Purchased: 2022 Jan