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University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics 75th Anniversary Symposium



Lincoln LaPaz and IOM staff with the delivery of the Norton County meteorite to UNM in 1948.

The University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritics (IOM) will celebrate its 75th anniversary during UNM’s Homecoming Week on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 24-25.

World-renowned, UNM’s IOM was founded in 1944 as one of the first institutions in the world devoted to the study of meteorites. One of the highlights of the event will be an open house at the newly-renovated UNM Meteorite Museum, which showcases many rare and stunning specimens from outer space.

Thursday, Oct. 24 - Reception (FREE-must still register as space is limited). A reception will be held on Thursday night, with light fare, an open house in the Meteorite Museum, interactive displays and two special guest speakers.

Guest Speakers:

  • G. Jeffrey Taylor, Professor Emeritus, Hawai`i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
    Topic: Determining the Bulk Chemical Composition of the Moon and Why We Care
  • Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, Former Apollo 17 astronaut and U.S. Senator
    Topic: Apollo 17 and Beyond

Friday, Oct. 25 - Symposium ($100 early reg./$125 after 9/30/19). A symposium with special guest speakers and lunch will be provided.

  • Chris Herd, Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta

    Topic: Finding the Source Craters for the Martian Meteorites
  • Nina Lanza, Deputy Team Lead for Space and Planetary Exploration at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Topic: Zapping rocks on Mars: Past, present, and future observations from the ChemCam and SuperCam instruments
  • Lars Borg, Isotope geochemist whose research has focused on the primordial differentiation of the terrestrial planets and asteroids

    Topic: Isotopic Evidence for a Young Lunar Magma Ocean

To register for the Thursday or Friday events, visit IOM's 75th Anniversary Symposium.

Additionally, on Oct. 24 & 25, TOP Meteorite will be displaying and selling select planetary and rare meteorites, and meteorite thin sections, as well as exhibiting the Thermo Scientific Niton XFL FM-XRF portable lab analyzer as applied to rapid meteorite field Identification.

If you are unable to attend, the Institute of Meteoritics invites your support with a donation via one of the following methods:

To donate online by credit card, click here.

Donate by check -
Please make check payable to: 
UNM Foundation -
In the memo line reference: IOM Director’s Fund Account - 203207

Mail check to: 
UNM Foundation,
Two Woodward Center, 700 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, N.M. 87102

For other giving opportunities, contact Margaret Ortega, Director of Development, at 505-277-0817 or email,

A receipt will be provided by The University of New Mexico Foundation after the donation has been received.

Interested sponsors who would like to set up a table can register through our registration site as a vendor. If you are a sponsor and would like a company representative to attend the reception and/or symposium as a vendor, please contact Beth Ha. Meals, lodging and other travel expenses for the representative must be covered by the sponsor. In lieu of having a representative present at the meeting, you can ship us marketing materials and we will make them available at the reception and symposium.

For additional information, or to be added to the IOM mailing list, please email,

The 1.1 ton Norton County aubrite meteorite being hoisted by a crane.