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NEAF 2021 planetary meteorite series

A rare opportunity to collect Mars and the Moon 



Limited Run Lunar Series:

Lunar Meteorite - Each lunar meteorite comes with a signed and hand numbered (serialized 0/100 through 99/100) certificate of authenticity. 

Run: 100

Price: $250

Make it so...



martian meteorite for sale


Limited Run Lunar Series:

Martian Meteorite - Each martian meteorite comes with a signed and hand numbered (serialized 0/50 through 49/50) certificate of authenticity. 

Run: 50

Price: $500

To a strange land...


Each of Top Meteorite's limited edition planetary meteorites is set in a Special Edition hand assembled membrane display, accompanied by a signed and numbered 5" x 7" commemorative double sided full color certificate of authenticity (COA) with hand signed holographic security decals.

A collectors dream! Exceptional provenance, limited edition signed and numbered, integrated COA security, rare planetary meteorite with limited availability.

*No additional runs of these will be made and they are strictly limited to the published edition limits of 50 martian and 100 lunar.