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Meteorite Curation Services | Private & Institutional

Client Curation Services | Collections & Single Specimen Acquisition

Dustin Dickens visiting with Dr. Carl Agee, at the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics. 

Meteorite curation is a melange of Science, Aesthetic Nuance, Market Access, Budget and Timing. As Curator of Collections for Top Meteorite I am happy to assist with navigating the esoteric landscape of institutional meteorite acquisition. 

Curation Services:

  • Specimen Restoration / Stabilization
  • Collection Management
  • Specimen Acquisition
  • New Fall Acquisition Field Agent
  • Trade & Resale Agent
  • Cutting & Etching
  • Specimen Appraisals
  • Specimen Authentication
  • In-house XRF analysis & ICMP proxy services 

Dustin genuinely enjoys sourcing hard to find meteorites and providing meteorite related curation services to institutions and museums around the world.

FIELD WORK | Dustin collecting in-situ shatter cones from the the bedrock of the Agoudal impact structure located in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. This specimen made the cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Meteorite Magazine and is currently on Display at the Shanghai Natural History Museum.


What Top Meteorite brings to the table:

  • Extensive experience studying, writing about, and trading in meteorites
  • Significant world-wide network of hunters, dealers, collectors and scientists
  • Close working relationships with several of the top meteoritics labs and researchers including UNM's IOM and UCLA's Dept. of Geophysics
  • Real-time market analysis capabilities & appraisals
  • Synthesis and nuanced 'simple language' translations of jargon and esoteric meteoritic terms
  •  XRF - portable elemental x-ray fluorescence analysis for on-the-spot non-destructive / non-invasive *identification of meteorite specimens

*not effective for all types of meteorites, works best with; irons, pallasites, and achondritic differentiated planetary meteorites.


Researchers at UNM's IOM working one age constraints for NWA 7034, aka Black Beauty, one of the most interesting martian meteorites ever discovered. | Photo Dustin Dickens



Our fee schedule reflects the level of engagement required and desired by our clients. We can sometimes offer pro-bono work for qualifying institutions. Dustin is happy to discuss ongoing collaborations and permanent curation appointments. Science first, and always with a smile!