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This is a valid QR code verification link for Certificate of Authenticity issued by Top Meteorite.

 This Level 1 verification confirms that the QR code printed on the COA is legitimate and leads back to Top Meteorite’s specimen COA authentication webpage. *This verification does not employ any anti counterfeiting measures. For more thorough COA verification and specimen authentication, please see LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3 services below.






Top Meteorite will provide the current legal owner of the specimen with a LEVEL 2 digital verification service free of charge. This service is not for 3rd party verification. There is no fee for this service, however a high resolution digital image of the specimen and existing COA, as well as specimen details must be supplied by the owner prior to verification. See LEVEL 3 verification services if you require a new COA or an upgraded / updated COA, or additional verification services for 3rd parties / sale. Please contact us via the form below to initiate a LEVEL 2 verification.



Top Meteorite will provide verification and updated certification to 3rd parties for purposes of sale, insurance, investment and other business purposes.  A $100 fee applies to each specimen. Physical inspection of specimen required. Upon verification, an updated photo COA will be issued for the specimen. Please contact us via the form below to initiate a LEVEL 3 verification.