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6.31g Martian Meteorite I Olivine Phyric Shergottite Meteorite from Mars

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On Offer: 6.31g Martian Meteorite fragment.

Type: Martian meteorite Olivine Phyric Shergottite
Parent body: MARS
Provisional name: Submitted and waiting for approval from NomCom. Reserve name - NEA055
Description: A 6.31 gram Martian meteorite (piece of Mars) ejected by another meteorite impacting the surface of the Red Planet and hurling it to Earth. An amazing specimen of an olivine phyric shergottite with black fusion crust.  One side is polished.
Additional Information: This specimen is highly shocked, with 100% of its plagioclase converted to maskelynite (plagioclase glass). We also found some interesting oxides, one of which was the toungue twisting titanium-bearing aluminian chromomagnetite.
What you get: 6.31g Martian Meteorite specimen as shown, signed Certificate of Authenticity, shipping/storage membrane box.
I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy. 

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