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Moon Ring - Genuine Lunar Meteorite Jewelry - Size 6 3/4

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On Offer:  Moon Ring with center stone fashioned from the lunar meteorite NWA 11787 and set in 14Kt Solid Gold.

Center Stone: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia Meteorite

Ring Size:  6 3/4 US

Description: This beautiful moon ring has been hand crafted and assembled in the US by AZ based artisan Josh Eisler. Each ring has a unique center stone and it is a completely unique part of the Moon. No two rings are exactly alike. The center stone for this ring was ejected from the Moon and recovered by nomads in the Algerian desert and classified by the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. The center stone has been free-hand shaped to find the best qualities in each area of the stone, and making every piece totally unique. The center stone is set in 14Kt solid Gold Ring.
This beautiful brecciated lunar meteorite was found in Algeria by locals and purchased in Mauritania by TOP Meteorite in 2017. It has been classified at the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics and given the name NWA 11787 with classification Lunar Feldspathic Breccia and published in the Meteoritical Bulletin.

Center Stone Official name:  NWA 11787

Paren body: The Moon - this is material ejected from our Moon when it was hit by another meteorite and became a meteorite itself when it hit the Earth.

What you get: Ring with genuine lunar meteorite center stone, as shown, set in
14Kt Solid Gold, with double sided color 5"x7" Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Curator of Collections.

Top Meteorite offers a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

Northwest Africa 11787
Basic information Name: Northwest Africa 11787
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 11787 
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2017
Country: Mauritania 
Mass:help 23.5 kg
Recommended:   Lunar (feldsp. breccia)    [explanation]

This is 1 of 157 approved meteorites classified as Lunar (feldsp. breccia).   [show all]
Search for other: Lunar meteorites
Comments: Approved 26 May 2018
Writeup from MB 107: 

Northwest Africa 11787 (NWA 11787)


Purchased: 2017

Classification: Lunar meteorite (feldspathic breccia)

History: Purchased in Mauritania by Dustin Dickens from anonymous meteorite hunter.

Physical characteristics: Many visually identical appearing pieces, ranging from several kilograms to sub-gram fragments. Some pieces show a light-gray, remnant fusion crust on one or more faces, with most having no fusion crust. Saw cut reveals a fragmental breccia with white feldspathic clasts set in a dark-gray ground mass.

Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) This meteorite is a polymict breccia of fragmental feldspathic, troctolitic and mafic lithologies, as well as fragmental pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase grains, and shock melt with vescicles.

Geochemistry: (C. Agee, UNM) olivine Fa: 25.6±8.9, Fe/Mn=95±18, n=13; low-Ca pyroxene Fs26.2±8.8Wo6.2±2.5, Fe/Mn=52±4, n=7; subcalcic augite Fs35.9±5.8Wo26.9±7.9, Fe/Mn=69±5, n=2; augite Fs14.5±7.1Wo41.0±2.0, Fe/Mn=45±15, n=3; plagioclase An96.2±0.8, n=6; Shock melt (20 _m defocused electron beam, proxy for bulk meteorite composition): SiO2=42.9±0.4, TiO2=0.11±0.05, Al2O3=31.1±4.0, Cr2O3=0.10±0.05, MgO=5.1±3.3, FeO=3.3±2.0, MnO=0.05±0.05, CaO=16.6±1.6, Na2O=0.37±0.06, K2O=0.04±0.00 (all wt%), n=3.

Classification: Lunar feldspathic breccia

Specimens: 21.25 g including a probe mount on deposit at UNM, Dustin Dickens holds the main mass.

Data from:
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Place of purchase: Mauritania
Date: P 2017
Mass (g): 23500
Pieces: Many
Class: Lunar (feldsp. breccia)
Shock stage: high
Weathering grade: moderate
Fayalite (mol%): 25.6±8.9
Ferrosilite (mol%): 26.2±8.8, 35.9±5.8, 14.5±7.1
Wollastonite (mol%): 6.2±2.5, 26.9±7.9, 41.0±2.0
Classifier: C. Agee, UNM
Type spec mass (g): 21.25
Type spec location: UNM
Main mass: Dustin Dickens
Comments: Field name DD-20; submitted by C. Agee, UNM

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