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38.23g Erg Chech 002 Ungrouped Achondrite Meteorite I Beautiful Meteorite Slice

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On Offer: 38.23 gram partial slice of Erg Chech 002 achondrite-ung

Classification: Achondrite Ungrouped - this is an ungrouped achondrite from an unknown differentiated parent body.

Origin: Unkown

Description: Partial slice of an amazing ungrouped achondritic meteorite often displaying large green diopside crystals. It was first analyzed and classified at the University of Washington, with the oxygen isotopic analysis having been done at a specialized lab at the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics. 

What you get: meteorite specimen as shown & signed Certificate of Authenticity.

We offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

ID - UNCSL20_38.23_015

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