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Diogenite HED Meteorite Fragments 3,227 grams - Wholesale

Brought to you by: Top Meteorite

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On Offer: 5 pc. unclassified Diogenite HED achondrite meteorite lot being offered in one wholesale group at $6 per gram
Piece 1 - 2,571 grams
Piece 2 - 216 grams
Piece 3 - 192 grams
Piece 4 - 184 grams
Piece 5 - 64 grams
Total: 3,227 grams 
Our offer is priced to allow someone to classify and resell. This material can retail from $20 per gram to over $40 per gram when classified and sold in smaller fragments and slices.
Top Meteorite guarantee this is a genuine HED meteorite and we offer a 30 day 100% no questions asked return policy.
We can also assist with submission of the meteorite for microprobe analysis and classification via UNM's IOM. This service also includes submission of a write-up to the Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee for official name and publishing in their Meteoritical Bulletin. UNM's fee for this is usually ~$300 and our fee is $150.
Type: Diogenite HED Achondrite - unclassified
Parent Body: Vesta or Vestoid
Description: An amazing group of unclassified diogenites weighing over three kilograms and displaying extensive larger green and yellow pyroxene crystals accompanied by the occasional black chromite crystals dispersed throughout a yellow crystalline matrix made of a finer texture of the same pyroxene crystals.
The HED Meteorites: The HED meteorite group is so named for the three types of meteorites that comprise the group; Howardite, Eucrite and Diogenite. The Eucrite and Diogenite are distinct meteorites, while the Howardite is a mix of the Eucrite and Diogenite lithologies. The HEDs are differentiated achondritic meteorites thought to originate from Vesta. It is also possible they come from what was once a larger dwarf planet before a massive collision created  the many Vestoid asteroids andwhat is now the minor planet 4 Vesta.
What you get: 5 pieces of unclassified diogenite meteorite specimen totaling  3,227 grams as shown. 5 Signed Certificates of Authenticity.
I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

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