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The Meteorite Adventure Box

Top Meteorite

  • $ 50.00

Each month, Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections, Dustin Dickens creates a new meteorite adventure for every box. Sometimes its a meteorite, sometimes it's more than one!

Each month discover at least one new meteorite, limited edition meteorite related collectibles, meteorite books, and exclusive "box only" invitations and offers. 

Everyone Wins

You or your loved one get a new Meteorite Adventure shipped direct to your door every month. We guarantee you get more bolide for your buck with a Top Meteorite Discovery Box subscription.

Did we mention that every Adventure Box is a collectors item in itself. That's before Dustin even starts to curate your next Meteorite Adventure Box. 

We search our vast collection of meteorites and meteorite collectibles for just the right mix to make each box a better adventure than the last. We win by being able to predict our cash flow better, and 


Here is an example of what a Top Meteorite Adventure Box might have in it:



Top Meteorite Adventure Box

- 10 gram Canyon Diablo iron meteorite. A hypervelocity impactor!

- 5 x 7 Full color double sided hand signed COA / info card 

- Acrylic Display Stand

- Author signed copy of "Drilling for Meteorites" book detailing the history of Meteorite Crater and the Canyon Diablo meteorite

- Collectable Shipping Box



Top Meteorite Adventure Box Lunar Celebration

- 0.25 gram Lunar Meteorite. A real piece of the Moon!

- 5 x 7 Full color double sided hand signed COA / info card 

- White modern 360 degree Membrane Display

- Hand Made collectible Lunar Dust Postcard made with real lunar meteorite dust

- Collectable Shipping Box



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