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Stoney Meteorite - Unclassified NEA (Libya) | 886g Amazing Form | A++ Specimen

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On Offer: 886g unclassified meteorite from Libya (NorthEast Africa - NEA)
Description: An amazing 886 gram unclassified NEA stoney meteorite with a rare lovely pointed form (arguably oriented, but definitely beautiful!) It was found in Libya near the strewn field of the IID iron NEA002. Not many stones coming out of Libya these days, so this is a rare opportunity to add a rare NEA to your collection.
This specimen is 100% guaranteed to be a stony meteorite, almost certainly of the general class "chondrite" and very likely of the class "ordinary chondrite" and based on magnetic response is likely an "H" ordinary chondrite signifying high metal content with the other alternatives being "L" signifying low metal to "LL" signifying very low relative metal content. 
I offer a 100% no questions asked 15 day return policy.  
ID - OCNEA20160019

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