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Shatter Cone Impactite from Agoudal | 167.6g | Amazing Collector's Specimen

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On Offer: Large Shatter Cone - Agoudal 167.6g collector's specimen. 
Description: A lovely shatter cone specimen with multidirectional horsetail patterning, from the Agoudal hypervelocity impact. I personally collected this specimen during Maroc Meteoritics' 2013 expedition to Agoudal to establish that shatter cones could be found in the local bedrock and had not been transported from another higher location by secondary processes. 
Shatter cones are the only universally accepted macroscopic diagnostic indicator of a hypervelocity impact in which the impactor hits the target material (in this case, the ground near Agoudal) at a velocity faster than the speed of sound (as it is measured in the target material).
This particular shatter cone shows the different directions the patterning can take as the potential energy of the impactor is converted to kinetic energy and transferred to the target material. Because the potential energy of a hypervelocity impactor is bound in a system traveling faster than the targets material's ability to kinetically respond to it, a strange thing occurs. The initial wave front of the impactor's kinetic force finds weak points in the target rock and fractals between the weak fissures nanoseconds before the more typical explosive kinetics come into play. This is what allows the uni-directional force of the impactor to create the unique multidirectional surface features that do not penetrate the entire stone, but rather appear only on the internal/external surfaces of the planes of the internal weak points. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, the energy transfer is mind boggling!   
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ID - ShatterAGDL20170002