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926g Rumuruti Meteorite I R3 | Ultra Rare Chondrite I HUGE CLAST! A+++

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On Offer: 926g Rumuruti - R3 | Paired to NWA 11304 (provisional)
Description: An absolutely amazing 926 gram R3 individual specimen of the Rumuruti "R" Chondrite meteorite. This meteorite has it all, very rare type, remnant fusion crust, thumbprinting, visible exterior chondrules, and the creme de la creme an absolutely huge star-form grey clast. This is a one of a kind meteorite, an A++++ collector's piece ready to show out of the box.
Dimensions: 126mm x 103mm x 54mm
Official Name: Paired to NWA 11304 (provisional) with new classification in processes.
Classification: Rumuruti - R3
General Information: The R chondrite, as it is most commonly referred to, is one of the 5 known classes of chondritic meteorites: Ordinary, Carbonaceous, Enstatite (E), Rumuruti (R), and Kakangari (K). The R chondrite is the most oxidized of all the chondrites, and is the rarest of the chondrite classes with the exception for the K chondrite.  This the R3 (probably best classified as an R3/4 Breccia but scheduled to be approved as an R3 by Nomenclature), displays three distinct lithology: black, light grey, and brown. Depending on the specimen, it may have one, two or all three visible in a single stone. 
What You Get: 926 gram Rumuruti meteorite (as shown) paired to NWA11304 (provisional), signed certificate of authenticity.
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ID:  TMSBNWA113041720

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