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R3/4 Breccia Chondrite Meteorite - Thin Section - Rare Chondrite

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On Offer: R3/4 breccia meteorite Thin Section
Description: R3/4 breccia thin section of the R chondrite NWA 11304 (provisional).
Official Name: NWA 11304 (provisional)
Classification: R3/4 breccia
General Information: The R chondrite, as it is most commonly referred to, is one of the 5 known classes of chondritic meteorites: Ordinary, Carbonaceous, Enstatite (E), Rumuruti (R), and Kakangari (K). The R chondrite is the most oxidized of all the chondrites, and is the rarest of the chondrite classes with the exception for the K chondrite.  This the R3/4 breccia displays three distinct lithologies: black, light grey, and brown. Depending on the specimen, it may have one, two or all three visible in a single stone. 
What You Get:  Rumuruti NWA11304 thin section as shown, storage/display membrane box, signed certificate of authenticity.
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ID:  THIN2018002