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Pallasite Meteorite | Admire Pallasite 74.7g Top Quality Partial Slice A+

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On Offer: 74.7 gram partial slice of the Admire pallasite meteorite
Admire Pallasite: Found in Lyon county Kansas in 1881, this historic meteorite is one of the prettiest pallasites ever discovered. An amazing US find, it is a must have for any serious meteorite collection.
Note: These Admire specimens are 100% stable. Early on, despite being so beautiful, this meteorite was notorious for being an unstable 'ruster' prone to oxidation. This is not the case anymore. These admire specimens have undergone an ionic chemical removal process to eliminate the oxidation catalyst from the meteorite, and then treated to seal the slice from further terrestrial exposure. 
I offer a 100% no questions asked 15 day return policy.  
ID - ADMIR20160001

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