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Meteorite Pendant I Beautiful Chondrite Pendant

Top Meteorite

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On Offer: Naturally beautiful chondrite meteorite hand formed and set in Sterling Silver

Meteorite Type: L3-6 Chondrite - NWA 869
Description: This pendant's center stone is a genuine piece of the inner asteroid belt, an ancient geological emissary of our Solar System. Each piece of meteorite is unique and hand crafted by world renowned Tucson based artist Joshua Eisler and set into 925 fine silver. Known as an L 3-6 Ordinary Chondrite with official name Northwest Africa 869, this meteorite has become famous for being both exceptionally beautiful and being one of the earliest chondrites to come out of the dry deserts of Northwest Africa. 

What you get: Meteorite pendant in Sterling Silver as shown, shipping/storage membrane box, and signed Certificate of Authenticity. Silver chain not included     

I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

ID: OCPEN202009

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