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Meteorite Classification Service - 1 Sample

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  • $ 500.00



Identification & Classification Services: $500 (per sample)

  • XRF Analysis
  • Geo Labs Meteorite ID Report with analysis results and recommendations for moving forward with institutional EMP analysis
  • Option to halt process prior to EMP analysis based on XRF results and receive $300 refund  
  • EMP Analysis (requires both Geo Labs & Institutional sample vetting)
  • Write-up & Submission to Nomenclature Committee included if sample is verified to be a meteorite
  • Official Name & Publication in Meteoritical Bulletin upon approval by Nomenclature Committee
  • Sample will not be returned
  • The Meteoritical Society Requires donation of 20 grams or 20% of the meteorite being classified (whichever is less)
  • Depending on the institution we partner with to do the EMP work, and the schedules of several key researchers, as well as the Nomenclature Committee itself, the final results and publication in the Meteoritical Bulletin can take from three months to over a year.
  • Click here if you just want to know if the rock you have is a meteorite or not and you don't have the time and/or money to go through the process above.

    Sample Submission Requirements & Instructions


    1. The sample must be at least 20 grams and cannot exceed 100mm x 100mm 
    2. Analysis & Return Shipping Fees must be paid prior to sending your sample
    3. The sample will not be returned, and a minimum of 20g or 20% (whichever is less) of the meteorite being classified must be donated to a qualified institution as per the requirements of the Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee 
    4. Make sure the Geo Lab “sample submission form” is complete, printed and included in the shipment with the sample
    5. Send sample to the address below
    Geo Labs
    XRF Submissions
    6200 Becker Lane
    Loveland, CO 80538