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Lunar Meteorite 5.6g | Lunar Breccia - NWA 11303 | The Moon

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Lunar Meteorite - Feldspathic Breccia

Mass: 5.6g

Name: NWA 11303 (provisional)

Classification: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia

Description: This is an actual 5.6 gram piece of the Moon that was ejected from it’s surface when another meteorite struck it with enough force to send pieces into an Earth crossing trajectory. 

This is a lunar feldspathic breccia meteorite specimen from the recent find in Northwest Africa that I have personally sent in to the University of Washington and the University of New Mexico for analysis and classification. Currently one provisional number has been issued: NWA 11303. 

New: It is an exciting time for meteorite collectors and enthusiasts. Less than six months ago a lunar meteorite would have been three to four times more expensive than it is today. The recent discovery of a large lunar strewn field in the dessert of Northwest Africa has (likely temporarily) pushed the price of lunar meteorites down significantly. This means even a new meteorite collector with a modest budget can own a decent sized lunar meteorite. This was just not possible a few months ago. Good times!

Guarantee: This is genuine lunar material 100% guaranteed. We offer 30 day no question asked full refund return policy.


ID - LUNA20170060

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