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Lunar Meteorite 49.8g End Cut | Lunar Feldspathic Breccia | The Moon

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On Offer: 49.8 gram end cut of the Lunar Meteorite

Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
Official name:  Pairs to NWA 11228, new classification and NWA number
are in process.
Mass: 49.8g
Paren body: The Moon - this is material ejected from our Moon when it was hit
by another meteorite and became a meteorite itself when it hit the Earth.
Description: A 49.8 gram end cut lunar feldspathic breccia meteorite paired to NWA 11228 new classification in process. This specimen's dimensions are 63.61mm x 57.13mm x 16.44mm
What you get: 49.8 gram end cut Lunar Meteorite Specimen as Shown,
Membrane Display Box, signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Top Meteorite offers a 100% no questions asked 15 day return policy.
ID - TMSBNWA11228201741

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