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IID Iron Meteorite Full Slice 149.1g | Spectacular Etch A+++ Collection Specimen

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Type: IID Iron Meteorite | Medium Octahedrite 
Classification Status: the preliminary classification of this iron meteorite was done at the Royal Ontario Museum by Ian Nicklin. It has subsequently been analyzed and classified by Dr. Audrey Bouvier at Western University in Ontario and has been submitted to the Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee for an official name.
Official Name: Pending - full analysis and write-up has been completed and submitted to Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee. We are now waiting for the committee to approve the write-up and issue an official name.
Mass: 149.1 gram - Full Slice
Description and History: This is a new find from Libya, and one of only a handful of IID iron meteorite specimens available on the market today. This iron meteorite displays a bright clean medium octahedral etch pattern (Widmanstätten patterns or Thompson Structures) on a palm sized full slice bordered by a solid natural external patina. An A++ collector's specimen.
This has been determined to be a completely new IID Iron meteorite and not paired with NEA002. 
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ID: NEA-ABBAS20170003

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