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Golden Pallasite Meteorite 147.8g

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On Offer: 147.8 gram Golden Pallasite stoney-iron meteorite

Type: Pallasite

Origin: Niger

Official name: The name "Golden Pallasite" is not published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, and is a "common" name used in the meteorite community for this pallasite from Niger. This is technically an unclassified meteorite.

Description: The Golden Pallasite is arguably the most sought after unclassified pallasite on the market. With large golden olivine crystals embedded in its' iron-nickel matrix, the Golden Pallasite is a wonder of nature. Forged in the cores of large differentiated planetary bodies, pallasites are among the most beautiful of all the meteorites. They are formed in the transitional zone where the outer metal core of a large planetary body and the lower mantle meet and mix. Pallasites are embedded with olivine crystals that mixed with the still liquid iron-nickel of the outer core, eventually locking the crystals into the iron=nickel metal as it cools over millions of years.

What you get: 147.8 gram Golden Pallasite specimen exactly as shown in the photograph. Certificate of Authenticity.

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