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640.7g Diogenite I Beautiful HED Meteorite End Cut from Vesta

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On Offer: 640.7g end piece of a Diogenite HED achondrite meteorite
Official name: Classification in process
Type: Diogenite
Parent Body: Vesta or associated Vestoid
Description: 640.7 gram end cut of an amazing unclassified diogenite with extensive shock darkened deep green pyroxene crystals and black chromite crystals dispersed throughout the meteorite. A spectacular differentiated achondrite with large augite phenocrysts. 
The HED Meteorites: The HED meteorite group is so named for the three types of meteorites that comprise the group; Howardite, Eucrite and Diogenite. The Eucrite and Diogenite are distinct meteorites, while the Howardite is a mix of the Eucrite and Diogenite lithologies. The HEDs are differentiated achondritic meteorites previously thought to originate from Vesta, but now leading researchers are starting to see that they likely originated from both Vesta-like asteroid, that may have one time been part of Vesta, and Vesta itself. This is because we find several different isotopic reservoirs among them, as well as also finding iron meteorites with similar isotopic genetics as the HED. This has lead researchers to conclude the HED meteorites come from both the large Vestan-like body that was in a large collision liberating part or all of its metal core, and also from later smaller reconstitute pieces from that larger collision.
What you get: 640.7 gram diogenite meteorite specimen as shown, & signed Certificate of Authenticity. *acrylic and brass display stand is NOT included
I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.

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