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Conception Junction Rare Pallasite Stoney Iron Meteorite | 80.4g Beautiful Full Slice

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On Offer: 80.4g Conception Junction Pallasite Meteorite Full Slice from Robert Ward's collection, along with an original limited run 16 page monograph by David B. Gueesling.

Dimensions: 102.5mm x 81mm x 4mm

Class: Pallasite - PMG anomalous
Official name: Conception Junction
Description: 80.4 gram Conception Junction Pallasite Meteorite Full Slice.
Found: 2006 in Nodaway Co., Missouri, USA.
What you get: 80.4g Conception Junction Pallasite Meteorite Full Slice, w/ original signed Certificate of Authenticity singed in back by Robert Ward, sixteen page monograph by  David B. Gueesling, Top Meteorite Certificate of Authenticity.
I offer a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy. 
Conception Junction
Basic information Name: Conception Junction
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite. 
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2006
Country: United States 
Mass:help 17 kg
Meteoritical Bulletin:   MB 100   (2012)   Pallasite, PMG-an 
Recommended:   Pallasite, PMG-an 

This is 1 of 13 approved meteorites classified as Pallasite, PMG-an.
Search for other: Main group pallasites, Metal-rich meteorites, and Pallasites
Comments: Approved 27 Aug 2011
Writeup from MB 100: 

Conception Junction        40°16’N, 94°41’W (both ±5')

Missouri, USA

Found: 2006

Classification: Pallasite (Main group, anomalous)

History: A single mass was discovered protruding from a hillside near Conception Junction, Missouri.

Physical characteristics: The exterior of the meteorite is weathered. Much of the interior shows only minor oxidation.

Petrography: Meteorite has a typical main-group pallasite (PMG) structure with roughly equal portions of metal and silicate. The olivine masses are slightly rounded, though a few surfaces show sharply defined angles. Olivines show millimeter-scale fractures. Schreibersite is rare, perhaps 0.5% of the exposed (25 cm2 surface). Minor FeS.

Geochemistry: Compositional data: Co 6.0 mg/g; Ni 79 mg/g; Ga 24 μg/g; Ge ~80 μg/g; As 29 μg/g; Ir 0.50 μg/g; Au 2.39 μg/g. Data are the mean of duplicate determinations. The composition of the metal differs in detail from other pallasites. For example, the Ir concentration is 0.50 ug/g, with the nearest relative Seymchan at 0.67 μg/g and Barcis at 0.32 μg/g.

Classification: On element-Au diagrams, Conception Junction plots distinctly lower than most PMG on Ni and Cu and above most PMG on Co, Ga, As, and Ir diagrams; it is therefore classified as PMG-anomalous (PMG-an). Its Ni and Cu contents are the lowest known for PMG. Its nearest PMG-an neighbor on most diagrams is Krasnojarsk. The low Ni and high Co could reflect unrepresentative sampling of kamacite and taenite but these are the means of two replicates.

Specimens: 113.58 g type specimen, UCLA.  Main mass, Karl Aston, Dave Gheesling and Robert Ward.

Data from:
  Table 1
  Line 63:
State/Prov/County: Missouri
Date: 2006
Latitude: 40°16'N
Longitude: 94°41'W
Mass (g): 17000
Pieces: 1
Class: Pallasite, PMG-an
Weathering grade: minor
Fayalite (mol%): 11.7
Classifier: J. T. Wasson, UCLA
Type spec mass (g): 113.58
Type spec location: UCLA
Main mass: Aston, Ward, Gheesling
Finder: Anonymous
Comments: Submitted by Wasson J. T.


ID: CJ180001

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