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CHASSIGNITE - Martian Meteorite I NWA 2737 I 0.84g Partial Slice

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On Offer: 0.84 gram partial slice of Chassignite Martian Meteorite with official name NWA 2737

Type: Chassignite

Origin: MARS

Official name: NWA 2737

Description: 0.84 gram partial slice of the martian chassignite meteorite, official name NWA 2737. The texture of this meteorite is exquisite. It is very friable. Only 611 grams of this meteorite has ever been recovered. Chassignite is arguably the most difficult of the SNC group to obtain. While I don't think the scientists who coined the acronym SNC, which stands for Shergottite, Nahklite, and Chassignite, could have predicted that their choice of letter order would also be indicative of scarcity, but it is. The shergottites are the most common of all the martian meteorites. The nakhlites, while much more rare and difficult to find then the shergottites, are nonetheless typically more available and less expensive than the chassignites, which seem to be among the rarest of the three.

What you get: 0.84g NWA 2737 Martian Meteorite Specimen as Shown, Membrane Storage/Display Box, & signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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Northwest Africa 2737
Basic information Name: Northwest Africa 2737
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 2737 
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2000
Country: Morocco 
Mass: 611 g
Meteoritical Bulletin:   MB 90   (2006)   Martian (chassignite)
Recommended:   Martian (chassignite)    [explanation]

This is 1 of 3 approved meteorites classified as Martian (chassignite).   [show all]
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Comments: Approved 1 Jul 2005
Revised 3 Feb 2006: Revised writeup

Writeup from MB 90: 

Northwest Africa 2737


Find: 2000

Achondrite (Martian, chassignite)

History: In August 2000, meteorite collectors discovered a stone fragmented into nine pieces (308 g, 128 g, 74 g, 47 g, 38 g, 6.4 g, 3.3 g, 2.0 g, and 4.3 g for a total mass of 611 g) in the western part of the Sahara.

Petrography and Geochemistry: (P. Beck, Ph. Gillet, B. Reynard, B. van de Moortele, ENSL; J.A. Barrat, M. Bohn, I. Cotton, UBO) Olivine (Fo78.2–79.1; Mn/Fe = 0.018; ~89.6 vol%), chromite (4.6 vol%), low-Ca pyroxene (En78.5Wo2.7Fs18.8 to En76.6Wo3.2Fs20.2), high-Ca pyroxenes (En73.5Wo8.0Fs18.5 to En64.0Wo22.1Fs13.9; Mn/Fe 0.030 [total of low- and high-Ca pyroxene ~4.1 vol%]), and sanidine glass (~1.6 vol%) with traces of apatite. The texture is that of a cumulate dominated by mm-size anhedral to subhedral olivine crystals, sometimes poikilitically enclosed in augite (En54.6Wo32.8Fs12.6 to En46.7Wo44.1Fs9.2). Oxygen isotopes: (I. Franchi, R. Greenwood, OU) δ17O = 2.40, δ18O = 4.02, ∆17O = 0.315; δ17O = 2.30, δ18O = 3.85, ∆17O = 0.295 (all ‰, n = 2). Furthermore, NWA 2737 displays trace element abundances similar to Chassigny. For example, its REE pattern resembles that of Chassigny but with a more pronounced LREE enrichment.

Classification: Achondrite (Martian, chassignite); highly shocked.

Specimens: A 20 g type specimen is on deposit at ENSL. B. Fectay and C. Bidaut of La Mémoire de la Terre hold the main mass.

Data from:
  Table 2
  Line 71:
Place of purchase: Morocco
Date: 2000
Mass (g): 611
Pieces: 9
Class: Martian
Type spec mass (g): 20
Plots: O isotopes: 



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