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Bruderheim Meteorite - 1.72g slice | 1969 Witnessed Fall | L6 Chondrite

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On Offer: 1.72g slice of the  Bruderheim meteorite
Name: Bruderheim
Type: "L6" chondrite
Mass: 1.72g
Description: 1.72 gram slice of the  Bruderheim meteorite | Observed to fall in Canada in 1960 | This is a historic falls highly sought after by collectors. 
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Basic information Name: Bruderheim
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite.
Observed fall: Yes
Year fell: 1960
Country: Canada
Mass: 303 kg
Meteoritical Bulletin:   MB 18   (1960)   Chondrite
NHM Catalogue:   5th Edition   (2000)   L6
MetBase:   v. 7.1   (2006)   L6
Recommended:   L6    [explanation]

This is 1 of 9866 approved meteorites (plus 3 unapproved names) classified as L6.   [show all]
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Writeup from MB 18:
Warning: the following text was scanned and may contain character recognition errors. Refer to the original to be sure of accuracy.



The place of fall or discovery: near Bruderheim, Alberta, Cana­da: φ = 53°54'; λ = 112°54' W.

Date of fall or discovery: FALL, March 4, 1960; 08h 06m U T.

Class and type: STONY, grey chondrite.

The number of individual specimens: 350; meteorite shower.

Total weight: over 180 kg.

The circumstances of the fall or discovery: the fall of the meteorite shower was accompa­nied by a bolide observed by many witnesses. This meteorite shower have been collected over an area some 3 km across. The investigation of the fall of the meteor shower and the collection of meteorites have been made by Professor R. E. Folinsbee, Chairman of the Department of Geology, Univer­sity of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Source: a letter from Dr. P. M. Millman to E. L. Krinov dated March 31, 1960.

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