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Beautiful Libyan Desert Glass 82.4g - Great Sand Sea Glass

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On Offer: 82.4 gram Libyan Desert Glass

Type: Impactite
Origin: Libya  Egypt border
Official name: Libyan Desert Glass, sometimes referred to as Great Sand Sea Glass
Description: This amazing Libyan Desert Glass ventifact (sculpted by wind) was created by wind sandblasting a piece of glass in the deserts bordering Egypt and Libya itself created by a flash heating thermal event created by an areal burst from a comet or asteroid transiting our atmosphere nearly 29 million years ago.
Additional Information on LDG: Libyan Desert Glass, AKA Great Sand Sea Glass is thought to have formed at least 29 million years ago, when a flash thermal event exceeding 1600 Celsius (likely) a thermally intense meteoric airburst (or perhaps even a direct hypervelocity meteorite impact) caused vast amounts of desert sand to melt and then subsequently be quenched, thus vitrifying the sand into what is now called LDG. Early neolithic tribes used the readymade glass to knapp tools, and later the Egyptians valued the golden glass so highly, it was frequently used as the centerpiece in royal jewelry. The location and existence of the glass was lost to history, until it was rediscovered in 1932 by P. Clayton while he was on expedition to survey the area. The glass is now sold by a small group of meteorite dealers and collectors, but is generally not available for purchase outside of these niche markets. 
What you get: 82.4 gram Libyan Dessert Glass ventifact specimen, as Shown, and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Top Meteorite's Curator of Collections.
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