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5.17g Lunar Basalt Very Rare Lunar Meteorite Type

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5.17g rare lunar basalt meteorite specimen

Approximate Dimensions: 47.56 mm x 41.42 mm x 1.33 mm

Official name: In Process

Classification: Lunar Basalt

Mass: 5.17g

Description: This is a 5.17 gram slice of a rare basaltic lunar meteorite that was ejected from the Moon's surface when another meteorite struck that area of the Moon with enough force to send pieces into an Earth crossing trajectory.

This specimen is unlike many of the lunar feldspathic breccia that are more common among the lunar meteorites types, and instead shows a more rapidly quenched basaltic texture. It is a stunning lunar meteorite with pronounced long well-defined glassy shock veins, and a unique and beautiful interior unlike any other meteorite.

What you get: 5.17 gram slice / specimen of the lunar basalt meteorite, as shown, with a signed certificate of authenticity.


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