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Top Meteorite | Tucson Meteorite Show 2017 Information & Links




Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show at The Ramada

Top Meteorite | Dustin Dickens

Where: Ramada Limited 665 N. Freeway, Tucson, Arizona 85745

Room #: 141

When: January 24th through February 11th

Contact: (928) 821-0183

What's the big deal: This is the biggest meteorite, mineral, fossil and gem show in the world! The entire city of Tucson is alive with natural history in the making, and you are invited to explore it all. The over 50 venues with thousands of vendors spread throughout Tucson, makes this a month long global event that attracts visitors and buyers from around the world.

Come visit us in room 141 at the Ramada to see our newest meteorites, talk shop, show off your favorite meteorite, get an opinion on that rock you think may be a meteorite, or just to say hi! Top Meteorite will be sharing a room with The Palawan Shell Co., so if you see shells that's probably us! If you don't see me, ask Doug or Lani where the meteorite guy is ;-) 

We Buy Meteorites: We also buy meteorites and meteorite collections if the price is right. If you have a meteorite or collection you would like to sell or you would like us to sell for you, please don't hesitate to contact Top Meteorite. We will work hard to sell your meteorites for the highest possible profit and for a reasonable commission. 

We Help ID Meteorites: If you think you have a meteorite but just aren't certain, bring it in and let us have a look. There is no substitute for a thorough microprobe analysis by a qualified scientist, but Top Meteorite can go a long way to determining if your stone (or hunk of metal) meets the basic criteria for being a meteorite. If, after visual inspection and pXRF analysis (when warranted), we still think your stone may be a meteorite, we will assist in getting it to the right institution for microprobe analysis. Ultimately it isn't defensibly a meteorite until it is classified by a qualified scientist and a full writeup is submitted to the Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee and it receives an official name published in the journal MAPS. We are happy to help and depending on what we are asked to do we may sometimes charge reasonable fee to cover any shipping, cutting, pXRF analysis or handling costs we may incur. So, bring it on down, and we'll have a look! 


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