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Lunar Meteorite - Interactive 3D Model

NWA 15368 - Lunar Fragmental Breccia 

This meteorite is a clast-rich polymict breccia with subhedral lithic fragments embedded in a fine-grained groundmass. Fragmental clasts sizes range from <0.1 mm to >6 mm and are primarily comprised of plagioclase, low-Ca pyroxene, pigeonite, augite, and olivine. Minor phases include kamacite and ilmenite. This meteorite is shocked with impact melt textures present.

Geochemistry: olivine Fa38.0±2.6, Fe/Mn=100±11.4, n=8; lo-Ca pyroxene Fs20.7±0.1,Wo4.0±0.1, Fe/Mn=54±2, n=2; pigeonite Fs30.1±5.2,Wo9.5±3.7, Fe/Mn=54±1, n=3; augite Fs16.9±1.1Wo36.5±2.8, Fe/Mn=45±1 n=2; plagioclase An95.9±3.1 Ab2.9±0.7 Or1.2±3.3, n=15. 

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