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The Aguas Zarcas Hammer Stone - the meteorite that started it all!

Meteorite History

The Aguas Zarcas CM2 hammer stone: when two worlds collide. 

Aguas Zarcas Hammer Roof Aguas Zarcas Hammer Stone

Fell April 23, 2019 - 8:29PM

Mass: 1,073 grams

Offered for sale, inquiries to:

Aguas Zarcas hammer roof hole


Aguas Zarcas Hammer stone Top Meteorite in hand

CM2 - Carbonaceous Chondrite

Perhaps one of the most important meteorite falls in the last 50 years, arguably the most scientifically significant, because we now have better analytic tools at our disposal to eke out the complex organic molecules encapsulated in this remarkable extraterrestrial emissary. These are the meteorites that may have brought the ingredients for life to our planet. An exceptional opportunity for science and institutional curation.  

 Aguas Zarcas Hunt

The Meteorite: Aguas Zarcas Meteorite For Sale

This is the quintessential meteorite. Burnt black from the heat of compressing our atmosphere into a plasma, unbroken these meteorites are hard to distinguish from randomly sized and shaped charcoal briquettes. 

The Recovery: 

Costa Rica, with cities cut out of jungle and towns woven within them, adventure always feels like its just two steps away.