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Aiquile - 3.53g Bolivian Meteorite Fall Nov 2016 | Slice with a little Crust


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On Offer: 3.53g of the "Aiquile" meteorite | Observed Fall Meteorite November 20th, 2016 | This is one of the most recent falls on record that was recovered and is available to collectors. 

Name: Aiquile (working name). 

Description: 3.53 grams partial slice of Aiquile meteorite.This meteorite observed to fall in Bolivia in November of 2016 is currently being classified in Brazil and awaiting publication in Meteoritical Society's Meteoritical Bulletin. This is technically an unclassified ordinary chondrite, but unlike unclassified 'finds', a recent 'fall' will only remain unclassified for a brief time between being recovered in the field and the rush to pin down the exact classification by the nearest qualified institution. Based on internal texture and abundance / distribution of free metal within the stone, it is very likely this will be classified as an 'H' Chondrite and will certainly have a weather grade of 'W0' as it is a fresh fall recovered within days if not hours of hitting the Earth.

Type: Assumed "H" chondrite


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ID - AIQUILE20160010

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