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199.7g VERMILLION Pallasite Ungrouped Spectacular Meteorite Slice

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On Offer: 199.7 gram Vermillion Ungrouped Pallasite Meteorite Slice

Approximate Dimensions: 85mm  x  73xmm  x  5.5xmm

Type: Pallasite Ungrouped

Official name: Vermillion

Year Found: 1991

Location: Kansas, USA

Description: 199.7 g Vermillion Ungrouped Pallasite Meteorite Beautiful Slice. Etched on one side. Word on the street is that this pallasite is about to become the type specimen for a new type of pallasite Pallasite-V and will no longer be ungrouped but rather be the name sake for a new class of pallasite.

What you get: 199.7 g Vermillion Meteorite Slice as shown, w/ signed Certificate of Authenticity

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Basic information Name: Vermillion
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite.
Observed fall: No
Year found: 1991
Country: United States
Mass: 34.36 kg
Meteoritical Bulletin:   MB 80   (1996)   Pallasite-pyroxene-rich
NHM Catalogue:   5th Edition   (2000)   Pallasite
MetBase:   v. 7.1   (2006)   Pallasite-ung
Recommended:   Pallasite, ungrouped   [explanation]

This is 1 of 8 approved meteorites classified as Pallasite, ungrouped. [show all]
Search for other: Metal-rich meteorites, Pallasites
Comments: Revised 26 May 2009: Classification from Wasson (2003)

Writeup from MB 80:


Marshall County, Kansas, USA

Found 1991, May, recognized 1995

“Pyroxene pallasite” or iron with silicate inclusions

A mass of 34.36 kg was found by M. & G. Farrell while planting in a grain field.  Described and classified as a “pyroxene pallasite” by Boesenberg et al. (1995).  Specimens: main mass, M. & K. Killgore, Southwest Meteorite Lab, P.O. Box 95, Payson, AZ, 85547, USA; 1.57 kg, Natural History Museum, London; 1.15 kg UCLA; 0.45 kg Ariz. State Univ.; 1.14 kg Amer. Mus. Natural Hist., NY.

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References: Published in Meteoritical Bulletin, no. 80, MAPS 31, A175-A180 (1996)
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     Catalogue of Meteorites:    (39° 44' 11"N, 96° 21' 41"W)
     Recommended::    (39° 44' 11"N, 96° 21' 41"W)
Note: the NHM and MetBase coordinates are 8.4 m apart

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