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535g Eucrite | Unclassified HED Meteorite | Collector's Specimen

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On Offer: 535g Eucrite Meteorite

Type: Eucrite HED Achondrite

Name: NWAxxxxx Unclassified

Description: A museum quality 535 gram complete individual unclassified eucrite collector's specimen meteorite. This specimen displays several large light colored clasts protruding through the heat cracked fusion crust and sculptured thumbprinting. An extremely aesthetic piece that stands upright on its own, allowing for high impact display without the need for stands or support.  

The HED group of Achondrites are a rare group of differentiated meteorites thought to originate from the minor-planet 4 Vesta.  With a mean diameter of 525 Kilometers, Vesta is the second largest body in the asteroid belt after Ceres. HED is an acronym for representing the first letters of each of the three constituent meteorites; Howardite, Eucrite, and Diogenite.

As the price reflects, this is an unclassified meteorite and has not gone through expensive and very time consuming process of being submitted to the Meteoritical Society's Nomenclature Committee for official classification and naming. It has however been tested using pXRF technology. Top Meteorite will only offer unclassified meteorites for sale under rare conditions. In this case, the Fe / Mn ratios from pXRF analysis, provenance, and a clear differentiated HED achondritic texture, as well as fusion crust, leave no doubt that this is a meteorite of the HED group. This meteorite is guaranteed to be an HED meteorite and we offer a 100% no questions asked 15 day return policy.

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