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Mars Meteorite Locket | 1/2g Martian Nakhlite Meteorite Grains | Sterling

Brought to you by: Top Meteorite

  • $ 500.00

On Offer: Sterling Silver Locket filled with 1/2 gram of genuine Martian Meteorite grains from the main mass of the Martian Nakhlite meteorite official name NWA 10645. Each 100% sterling silver & glass locket comes with 0.5g of NWA 10645 martian Nakhlite meteorite grains, a sterling silver chain, and a 7"x5" signed color Certificate of Authenticity. 
Literally give your special someone a piece of Mars to show them how unique they are. Or treat yourself to a lovely bit of the solar system. With love from Mars!
The Martian meteorite NWA 10645 retails for $1,000 per gram and this is a fun way for us to use some of the smaller pieces.  You get 0.5g of martian Nakhlite in a lovely silver display case that just happens to be with you all the time. 
Top Meteorite offers a 100% no questions asked 15 day return policy.  
ID - NAKPEN20160001

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