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129.4g Lunar Meteorite Slice Troctolitic Melt Breccia Large Showcase Piece NWA 14729

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On Offer:   129.4 gram complete lunar meteorite slice of a rare and beautiful polymict anorthositic troctolite melt breccia. One of a handful of lunar melt breccias, and the only recognized to contain troctolitic clasts.

Handling Time: This piece is currently on loan and being displayed at the Orange Coast College Planetarium's Meteorite Exhibit. As such buyers should be aware that there is a two week handling time prior to shipping to allow for the planetarium to process and return the specimen. The display label from the OCCP exhibit can be included with the slice upon request.

Dimensions: 164 mm x 141 mm x 3.45 mm 

Type: Lunar (polymict anorthositic troctolite melt breccia)

Official Name: NWA 14729

Year Found: 2021

Country: Northwest Africa

Parent body: This material originates from the Moon. This is material ejected from our only natural satellite when it was hit by a progenitor meteorite.

Description: A spectacular 129.4 gram complete slice of this rare lunar meteorite. Polished on one side, unfinished on the other.
What you get:  129.4 gram Lunar Meteorite specimen as shown, display stand, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. *The display label from the planetarium can be included upon request. Please let us know if you would like this included when you place the order.
Top Meteorite offers a 100% no questions asked 30 day return policy.
Northwest Africa 14729
Basic information Name: Northwest Africa 14729
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 14729
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2021
Country: (Northwest Africa)
Mass:help 2.3 kg
Recommended:   Lunar (melt breccia)    

This is 1 of 10 approved meteorites classified as Lunar (melt breccia).   

Comments: Approved 19 Mar 2022
Writeup from MB 111:

Northwest Africa 14729 (NWA 14729)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: 2021

Classification: Lunar meteorite (melt breccia)

History: Purchased from a Moroccan meteorite dealer in 2021.

Physical characteristics: Single stone, dark green-brown, sandblasted exterior. Sawcut surfaces reveal this meteorite to be a breccia with fragments of fine-grained light colored host rock set darker vesicular melt-rock matrix.

Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) Electron microprobe analysis and reflected microscopy of a polished mount show this meteorite to be a polymict lunar melt breccia with an anorthositic troctolite host rock consisting of fine-grained olivine and lesser amounts of pyroxene poikilitically enclosed in plagioclase. The matrix consists of vesicular melt rock. and very fine-grained minerals and rock clasts. Trace amounts of chromite, ilmenite, troilite, and Fe-metal (low Ni) were detected.

Geochemistry: (A. Ross, UNM) Olivine Fa25.4±5.3, Fe/Mn=102±18, n=10; pigeonite Fs16.4±3.6Wo4.5±1.5, Fe/Mn=54±5, n=7; subcalcic augite Fs16.1±5.1Wo30.1±7.7, Fe/Mn=50±2, n=3; plagioclase An96.0±1.7, n=6.

Classification: Lunar (polymict anorthositic troctolite melt breccia), nomenclature based on Stoeffler et al. (1980). The Mg# of olivine and An-content of plagioclase of this meteorite are consistent with that of the Apollo Lunar Mg-suite (Warren, 1993).

Specimens: 27.6 g on deposit at UNM, Craig Zlimen and Mark Lyon hold the main mass.

  • Stoeffler D., Knoell H.-D., Marvin U.B., Simonds C.H., and Warren, P.H. (1980) Recommended classification and nomenclature of lunar highland rocks - A committee report. In: Conference on the Lunar Highlands Crust, Houston, Tex., November 14-16, 1979, Proceedings. (A81-26201 10-91) New York and Oxford, Pergamon Press, 1980, p. 51-70. (link)
  • Warren P.H. (1993) A concise compilation of petrologic information on possibly pristine nonmare Moon rocks. American Mineralogist 78 (3-4), 360-376. (link)
Data from:
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Place of purchase: Morocco
Date: P 2021
Mass (g): 2.3 kg
Pieces: 1
Class: Lunar (melt breccia)
Shock stage: high
Weathering grade: moderate
Fayalite (mol%): 25.4±5.3
Ferrosilite (mol%): 16.4±3.6, 16.1±5.1
Wollastonite (mol%): 4.5±1.5, 30.1±7.7
Classifier: C. Agee, UNM
Type spec mass (g): 27.6
Type spec location: UNM

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